Mild Steel & Coated Steel

We fabricate every type of mild steel, from carbon steels such as A36 or Grade A572, to G90 galvanized sheets, electro-galvanized sheets, painted steel and more. We can also have steel products hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated if required. From a cost standpoint, mild steel products offer more structural strength than other types of metal. They are formable and very versatile. Uncoated steel usually requires further processing since steel offers the least corrosion resistance when making boxes, hand rails, instrument racks, equipment stands, pipe flanges, covers and lids.

Material: Steel pipe, steel flat bar

Finish: Hot-dip Galvanizing

Description: Pedestrian handrail

Application: Rails like these protect pedestrian traffic from hazardous changes in elevation caused by drainage ditches or bi-level cross traffic. Built to DOT regulations, these were assembled entirely in carbon steel, then hot dip galvanized to protect from the elements.

Material: A36 Carbon Steel

Finish: Black Powder Coat

Description: Custom Cut Lettering

Application: For this existing gate, we manufactured letters with our water jet machine. Lettering can be rendered from standard fonts, customer-supplied fonts; they can be traced from various media, printed or electronic, or they can be custom designed. They can then be cut from almost any material.

Material: Carbon Steel Plate

Finish: Red Primer

Description: Hydraulic Jaws

Application: These were custom designed for a tree service. They were designed to attach to tractor equipment and be used for gripping and moving tree trunks. All of these parts were cut on a CNC plasma machine, which has since been replaced by our water jet machine.

Material: A36 Carbon Steel

Finish: Mill Finish

Description: Blind Flange

Application: This is a blind bolt flange for a 60″ pipe at a local refinery. It was produced quickly on the water jet machine 3/4″ steel plate. For bolt flanges and similar applications, our customers can expect a quick turnaround time, which is critical during time-sensitive projects.

Material: Carbon Steel Flat Bar and Round Bar

Finish: (Post-Picture) Hot Dip Galvanizing

Description: Guard Railing

Application: After final processing, these rails were installed around a marine habitat pool, to control access by the public and preserve the safety of both the animals in the water and the visitors to the exhibit.