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Water Jet Cutting –

We achieve precision cutting with our two Omax 80X water jet machines. Each one has a capacity exceeding 6 feet by 12 feet, and can cut virtually any flat material, up to 6 inches thick.

Press Brake Forming –

We bend our products with two AccurPress machines. For general bending we have a 12’ bed, 175 ton-force, hydraulic press brake. For precision, small-scale bending, we have a 4’ bed, 25 ton-force, hydraulic press brake with CNC programmable back gauge and ETS 3000 controller.

Cutting –

For shearing metal, we also have two machines. One is a 1959 Weiger mechanical shear, 10ga mild steel capacity, 10’ table. The other is a 12’ long AccurShear, ½” mild steel capacity, with programmable back gauge.

Welding –

We do all types of welding: Tig arc, stick, and Mig. We have a variety of welders to suit any occasion, including three Miller Synchrowave machines, two Lincoln Mig welders, a gas-powered Bobcat welder, and various other portable machines. We can weld all metals, including aluminum, copper, and cast metals.

Polishing –

We perform a full line of polishing services, from rough grinding, to smoothing, deburring, graining, and mirror polishing, depending on the material.

Product Design –

Let us help you design your product. With over 80 years combined experience in fabrication layout and design, our team can help you realize your vision and come to the best solution for your needs.

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