Other Materials

Sometimes we go outside the lines of everyday fabrication and do some fun stuff. Copper is becoming more and more popular as decorative material. We use it for countertops, tables, and a few unique items. We also use brass, bronze, zinc, and titanium alloys occasionally. With our water jet capabilities, we are now able to process an almost endless array of materials for precision shape cutting. Some of the items we have cut in the past three years are ceramic tile, marble, granite, acrylic, polycarbonate, resin, wood, laminated materials, foam board, nylon, and gasket materials. In theory, there is no flat material that our machine cannot cut. For decorative work, graphic work, model making, templates, trim work, or your own customized fabrication project, we can provide accurate parts built to your specifications.

Material: Stainless Steel, Copper

Finish: Hand Brush, Powder Coat

Description: Coffee Brewer

Application: One of the most unique projects we have ever done, this is an individual coffee brewing device. On top are removable stainless steel drip vessels with handles and filter screens. Below, the bi-metal housing has receiving brackets to place the mugs that are receiving the dripping coffee. 

Material: Cabinet Grade Plywood

Finish: None at time pictured

Description: Wooden Console

Application: This is a decorative piece of furniture for a local church. With a water jet, we are able to mill wood much the way a CNC router can cut shapes. Through layering and designing interlocking joints, we can design unique furnishings with parts that are entirely cut on the jet machine.

Material: Neoprene Rubber

Finish: None

Description: Rubber Gaskets

Application: Rubber gaskets are produced for a variety of purposes, ranging from pipeline work to refineries, treatment plants, plumbing companies, electrical companies, or anywhere a good seal is required. The water jet machine gives us the ability to cut any shape, any hole configuration, from any material.

Material: Pine Plywood

Finish: None

Description: Skee Ball Ramp

Application: Sometimes we have fun with home projects! This is the bottom half of a skee ball game, designed on computer and produced entirely on our water jet machine. Once again, careful planning of interlocking joints and tabs make assembly a cinch.

Material: Hard Copper

Finish: Patinaed

Description: Copper Bar Top and Shelves

Application: These counter tops were fabricated from sheets of copper and then patinaed with chemicals to produce a unique finish. These were installed at a local Asian cuisine restaurant. Finishes like these need additional protection, such as a clear coat, heavy waxing, or similar treatment.

Material: Hard Copper

Finish: Mill Bright Finish

Description: Copper Bar Top

Application: We can fabricate in copper; we have even developed the ability to TIG weld copper to make better looking corner seams. We installed this counter top at a local seafood establishment in multiple sections. In this case, all joins were butted and sealed with silicone.

Material: Carbon Steel

Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized

Description: Instrument Rack

Application: This is an electronic instrumentation rack with bolt-on canopy, made from structural steel. It was eventually disassembled, galvanized, and the canopy skinned before being delivered to the field.