Due to our name, it is not widely known that we fabricate aluminum as well! Just as with stainless steel, we have the ability to cut, form, and weld aluminum for a variety of situations. Known mailnly for its being a lighter weight material, aluminum is used in situations where structural efficiency is desired without the heaviness of steel, such as earonautics, marine structures, various railings and walkways, and frequently accessed lids, doors, or covers. There are several grades of aluminum which are commonly used: type 3003, for general use where formability is desired: type 5052, where good formability is desired, but more strength and corrosion resistence is needed; and type 6061/6063, where structuaal strenth is most important and bending is not required.

Material: 5052 Aluminum

Finish: Mill Finish

Description: Hatch doors for Monkey Cage

Application: These sliding doors were cut on an Omax 80 water jet machine. In this case, aluminum was used to minimize corrosion and the weight of the doors, which are opened frequently. The actual cage frame is hot-dipped galvanized steel, but all of the doors are aluminum.

Material: 5052 Aluminum

Finish: Hand brushed, Clear Powder Coat

Description: Bus Decal

Application: This decal is customized for the bus ministry of a local church. It was drawn on CAD, cut on our water jet, brush finished by hand, then given a clear powder coat. This is a sample of what is possible through our precision cutting services.

Material:  5052 Aluminum

Finish:  Mill Finish

Description:  Mounting bracket for oil cooler

Application:  With our high-frequency TIG welding capabilities, we can offer aluminum welding to our customers. In this case, and aluminum cooler is lacking the proper mounting brackets. We fabricate those and attach them to the cooler frame.

Material:  5052 Aluminum

Finish:  Mill Finish

Description:  Pipe interface

Application:  Aluminum is used here to minimize corrosion. The box interfaces with a pipe joint. The lid gives access to the pipe after the box has been installed.

Material:  6063 Aluminum round bar, 5052 Aluminum plate

Finish:  Mill Finish

Description:  Aluminum Furniture Legs

Application:  These are depicted upside down, actually. the plate is screwed to the bottom of certain furnishings and the round bar acts as a leg support. These were installed in a financial institution.

Material: Aluminum Expanded Sheet

Finish:  Mill Finish

Description:  Exhaust Fan Screen

Application: Located on the roof of a local hospital, these screens periodically require us to replace the expanded screen material due to corrosion. They are constructed of aluminum to minimize overall weight as they must be installed by hand. A better solution than steel, after a number of years they need repair.